Acquisitions / Disposals

A merger or acquisition can be an effective way of strengthening your position in the marketplace.

However, dealing with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) necessitates careful research and there are some important issues to consider.

We have extensive experience of dealing with M&A, and can offer up-to-date strategic advice and assistance.

Alternatively, you may wish to boost your profitability through making disposals. We can help with the process of dealing with disposals.

Some of the areas we can help include:

      Identify potential opportunities for M&A

      Screening targets for suitability

      Preparing a negotiating strategy

      Raising capital

      Developing a plan for integration

      Optimising the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise

      Valuing assets for disposal

      Finding suitable purchasers

      Negotiating the sale

For more information on dealing with mergers, acquisitions and disposals, please contact us.