Rescue & recovery

Rescue & recovery

In times of difficulty, seeking expert advice in good time can often help to prevent the failure of a business.

Some of the key factors contributing to the collapse of a business include problems with bad debt, a reduction in demand, high levels of borrowing, and low property values.

Business owners should engage professional help as soon as they are aware of any issues. It may then be possible to avoid liquidation or receivership.

Our experienced team can offer advice and support when you need it most, working with you to identify the cause of your difficulties and recommending the appropriate solutions.

We may also be able assist you in arranging a corporate or individual voluntary arrangement, which will allow you an opportunity to try trading out of difficulty.

Should it be necessary for your business to go into administration, receivership or insolvency, we can offer assistance with the process.

A programme of regular monitoring can help you to identify and deal with any issues in the early stages.

For more information, or to arrange a business health check, please contact our team today.